Faculty Activity Reporting Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs to complete a survey?

Regular full-time faculty, research associates, and librarians are the employees that are required to report average workweek hours on the Faculty Activity Reporting system (FARs) survey form.

Faculty who are part-time, on leave, or “visiting” are not required to complete a survey.

How do I add missing courses to my survey? 

Missing courses cannot be added to the survey. FARs takes a snapshot of the Peoplesoft data as of the census date. If the course was added to Peoplesoft after the census date, it will not show up on the FARs survey.

There are courses listed on my survey that I am not teaching. Can these be removed? 

FARs takes a snapshot of the Peoplesoft data as of the census date. Changes made in Peoplesoft after the census date will not appear on the FARs survey. 

Can I edit the course information on my faculty activity report?

Course information cannot be edited on the faculty activity report. Hours can be adjusted on the Other Instructional Activity (OIA) line. 

What are the census dates?

  • Fall term: September 28
  • Spring term: February 4
  • Summer term: July 15

How are credit hours assigned?

All full-time faculty members listed for a course will receive full hours. For example, if there are two faculty members teaching a 3-credit course, they will both be assigned three hours.  A zero-credit course is assigned 3 contact hours; a recitation is also assigned 3 contact hours.